Simone Danielle is the artist and content creator behind The Simone Danielle & Pressed by Mone. She is also an entrepreneur and full-time educator. 
Just before completing her Bachelor of Science in Optical Engineering in 2018, Simone started creating videos on Youtube as an outlet and a hobby and grew her presence on social media to a community of thousands who share the same passion for creating. As her platforms grew, she also experienced many life changes that she documented along the way—for example, graduating college, moving out of her parent's home, becoming a cat mom, changing careers, getting engaged, and most recently, getting married. By pursuing the things she loved, she learned that your passions can pay your bills and there is more to life than making money, especially if the means of making it makes you miserable. 
In addition to creating content for her site, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube channel, she designs custom press on nails and creates content for health, beauty, and stationery brands. She is most known for her beautiful nail designs that match the monthly bullet journal spreads she creates by hand. Art and journaling have been a passion of hers all her life. Since 2021 she has designed over a thousand sets of nails and sold hundreds of orders all around the country. She is heavily into drawing, painting, making art, and crafting with her Cricut for her bullet journal, small business home, and special events. 
As a creative expert and profitable entrepreneur with years of experience in art, social media, and digital software, Simone finds joy in everything she does and creates her dreams daily. She does this by building a community of women who believe in doing what they love, working with numerous brands, selling her art, and providing tips and tricks on creating while keeping things organized. Her mission is to show gratitude for the life she was given by keeping things simple, cute, and aesthetically pleasing. 
Simone currently resides in Delaware with her Husband, Hakeem, and their two cats, Mixxy and Leo. 
To learn more about Simone, follow her on Instagram and watch her Youtube channel.